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Our shop is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 1970.  Unlike a lot of shops, we receive daily shipments of flowers, so you know our blooms will always be fresh and beautiful.  Ivan Lee Smith, our lead designer, has studied floral arrangement technique all over the world, and he brings his unique expertise to each and every order.  His staff consists of 20 creative and experienced floral designers who are eager to help you create a unique vision for your order.

Our delivery range is from up to 20 miles from our location, and we use refrigerated vans so your flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful.
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Affordable Web Site Design in Ithaca

Web Site Design & Development

A web site cannot do its job unless it is discovered. At Ithaca Website Design here in Ithaca, NY, we will creatively design a web site that not only looks good, but we will also make sure it is usable including being Mobile Friendly, visible and easy to navigate.  Best of all, whether your need is for a web site that provides basic information or if your requirement is for a dynamic database driven shopping cart system, we create powerful, professional, yet affordable custom websites for any industry.

Website Re-Design

Although you have been on the web for quite some time, perhaps you are ready to update your site.   Or possibly it's time for a whole new look.  If you have been thinking about a website redesign, ask yourself first if your site is meeting your business needs.  Is it current with the times?  Is it easy to move around and navigate on your site?  Is the site as appealing and attractive to the eye as your competitors?   A new look can make a world of difference to your business, as it can change the way visitors feel about your products and services.  Ithaca Website Design offers complete website re-design services that give your existing website a fresh, enticing and new look.

Search Engine Optimization

After designing and developing a web site, Ithaca Website Design focuses on optimizing the site through effective search engine optimization (SEO).  Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic that a web site receives from major search engines.  SEO ensures that a web site is positioned well thereby gaining the most effective exposure on the Internet.  When implementing SEO we select the right target keywords and phrases to assure a web site's optimum performance.  Ithaca Website Design will greatly improve your presence in search engines, making sure visitors find you easily including on your Smart Phone.
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